Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gin & Ginger Ale

For the first time ever, we're doing drinks on Amigas Cucina! This may seem like a cop out considering I haven't posted anything on here in months, and maybe you're right. Where are the labor intensive dishes? The braised lamb, the bone marrow? What can I say? I've been working like a maniac and have been cooking less. This allows those around me to step up to the plate, which they have done beautifully, but I have missed cooking and writing, so this will be an opportunity to do at least one of those things.

This brings us to Gin and Ginger Ale. It's awesome. My friend, Alissa, from San Diego introduced me to this drink and I find it thoroughly delightful. It's sweet, but not too sweet. Citrusy without being overbearing. When my sister, Kellie, took a sip of mine she said it was a manly drink with the juniper flavors of the gin. Then she proceeded to coin the term "COCKtail" for an especially manly drink. And for that I and the whole of the world are eternally grateful.

The recipe is ridiculously simple. 2-3 fingers of gin, a few drops of bitters (2-3), a teaspoon or so of lime juice, and about a half can of ginger ale and you're all set to go. Stir it with a spoon or your finger and you've got a fabulous drink.

Note that the high quality the ingredients (any of them) the better the drink. So fancier ginger ale may really do you well with this drink, but plain old Canada Dry can easily do the trick.

Now, go on and enjoy yourself! It feels like spring time up here in Northern California and I personally could go for a drink.

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